Community Infrastructure for Transformation of Urban EcosYstems through Energy-PopulatioN Interactions

NSF Solisitation Goals

Source: SRN Solicitation National Science Foundation

The goal of the Sustainability Research Networks (SRN) is to bring together multidisciplinary teams of researchers, educators, managers, policymakers and other stakeholders to conduct collaborative research that addresses fundamental challenges in sustainability. The 2014 SRN will fund research networks with a focus on urban sustainability.

CITY-EN Proposal Abstract

Applicant: CITY@UMD, University of Maryland

CITY-EN is a network assembled to pursue fundamental research and innovation in urban energy sustainability. The network brings together 21 investigators from 7 universities, with interdisciplinary expertise in climate/city modeling, renewable energy, building systems, power systems, energy economics, energy storage, system dynamics, public health, urban planning, sociology, public policy, education, and natural resources/ecology. These investigators will pursue the interdisciplinary and potentially transformative vision of future urban energy infrastructures that 1) employ energy generation, storage, and management assets to address energy sustainability as a portfolio optimization problem and 2) are capable of anticipating and adapting to the changing urban environment over multiple spatio-temporal scales. The proposed research will focus on urban energy sustainability as a key application challenge, but the underlying research framework is truly interdisciplinary and will take into account coupled challenges in the transportation/water infrastructures.

Investigating Institutions