Cluster for Sustainability in the Built Environment

The Building Science Group has launched the Cluster for Sustainability in the Built Environment at the University of Maryland (CITY@UMD). The Cluster's mission is to understand the fundamental principals of built infrastructure's impact on energy consumption, environmental quality, and population well-being. This understanding enables the creation and management of healthy urban ecosystems.

Seeing UMD in a New Light

Typically, when people think of campus building energy use, they think of lighting. Lights are very visible, are often left on when no one is using the space, and are a sizeable portion of commercial building energy use. There is also a lot of energy in the light we don’t see – long-wave radiation in the infrared, which we perceive heat. We wanted to see that energy use as well, so last week, members of BSG and the Student Sustainability Committee traveled around campus at night to see the campus through an IR camera.

Energy and Buildings

"A Data-driven State-space Model of Indoor Thermal Sensation Using Occupant Feedback for Low-energy Buildings"

By: Xiao Chen, Qian Wang, & Jelena Srebric

CITY@UMD Spring Strategy Meeting

01/21/2015: Under the direction of Dr. Srebric, CITY@UMD memebers sat down and planed out the coming Spring Semester. Discussed topics include: publications, Virtual PULSE, collaborative work with UMD Facilities Management, in addition to personal goals for the upcoming semester. In attendence were: Nicholas Mattise, Matthew Dahlhausen, Dr. Yang-Seon Kim, Dr. Mohammad Heidarinejad, Dr. Jelena Srebric, Saber Koshdel-Nikkho; along with undergraduates: Krishang Sharma, Mike, and Itohan.

Dr. Jelena Srebric

Professor of ME
Director of CITY @ UMD

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