Green roofs & the Food-Energy-Water Nexus

At an international workshop on October 27th 2015, hosted by Dr. Miralles-Wilhelm of CICS, Dr. Jelena Srebric gave a talk on Green roofs and their potential to transform built environments through the Food-Energy-Water Nexus. There are opportunities with green roofs to reduce the heat fluxes and local environmental temperatures that can positively affect the effectiveness of cooling equipment located on the same roofs; in addition to green roof's opportunities to produce food in soils that have reduced contamination sources compared to the ground-level soils.

Recommended Reading

"Variability of optimal solutions for building components based on comprehensive life cycle cost analysis"
This study surveyed close to one hundred building systems designers in the U.S., and compared their responses to building energy simulations and life cycle costs assessment (LCA). The comparison indicates that surveyed designers underestimated the influence of wall assemblies, and overestimated the influence of window properties on the life cycle cost. More wide-spread use of LCA analyses could potentially address these biases.

By: Guiyuan Han, Jelena Srebric, and Elena Enache-Pommer

Twan van Hooff speaks at UMD

10/26/15: Dr.if. Twan van Hooff, a research fellow at Leuven University and an assistant professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, who performs research in the building physics field spoke with Building Science Group members and delivered a lecture to University of Maryland faculty and students. The lecture covered work he has performed on transitional ventilation flows, full scale measurements and CFD simulations, and an analysis of passive climate change adaptation measures using building energy simulations.

Urban Microclimate and Energy Micro-Course

Online course material on the energy modeling of urban built infrastructure.


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