Virtual PULSE 2015 Release

As part of the EFRI PULSE project, the Virtual PULSE urban simulation platform has launched its initial version for 2015. Virtual PULSE, which stands for Population in Urban Landscape for Sustainable Built Environments, is a web application that allows for the simulation of building energy, urban airflows, and solar radiation. Built from the ground up with science and an aim for simplicity; Virtual PULSE’s first release focuses upon the creating of building geometries, the assigning of building meta-data, and the initial energy modeling.

Building and Environment

"Effect of Urban Neighborhoods on the Performance of Building Cooling Systems"

By: Stefan Gracik, Mohammad Heidarinejad, Jiying Liu, and Jelena Srebric

Global City Teams Challenge Festival

06/01/2015: Are you as interested in the intersection of buildings and technology as the members of the Building Science Group? Then check out the Global City Teams Challenge Festival at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C. on June 1st 2015. Hear from over 50 participating groups/individuals including interesting work on smart residential homes and city-wide IoT integrations.

Urban Microclimate and Energy Micro-Course

Online course material on the energy modeling of urban built infrastructure.


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