Dr. Srebric Presents at the NAS

04/11/16: Jelena Srebric presented on “Building Ventilation, Occupants, and Microbiome” at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) per invitation by the NAS Committee on Microbiomes of the Built Environment. As the committee focused on accelerating existing and new knowledge into application, Srebric suggested to consider influencing factors, such as dynamic ventilation rates and modes, to enable development of effective applications. For more details you could check her recorded talk.

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Bare Soil

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"Influence of plant coverage on the total green roof energy balance and building energy consumption"
Implementation of our green roof model into EnergyPlus showed importance of the plant coverage rate for the total daily received radiative flux. Specifically, the radiative flux is reduced by 32% when comparing the bare soil and fully covered green roofs. Importantly, our model enables building energy consumption calculations with the radiative flux depending on the coverage rate in actual green roofs.

By: Neda Yaghoobian, and Jelena Srebric

ARPA-E Summit 2016

02/29/16: The University of Maryland (UMD) researchers presented the first prototype of the personal conditioning device at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit. This device is a robotic rover capable of delivering both cooling and heating to a building occupant. UMD researchers left to right: Daniel Dalgo, Jan Muehlbauer, Yilin Du, Jiazhen Ling, Reinhard Radermacher, Vikrant Aute, and Jelena Srebric.

Urban Microclimate and Energy Micro-Course

Online course material on the energy modeling of urban built infrastructure.


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