Cluster for Sustainability in the Built Environment

The Building Science Group has launched the Cluster for Sustainability in the Built Environment at the University of Maryland (CITY@UMD). The Cluster's mission is to understand the fundamental principals of built infrastructure's impact on energy consumption, environmental quality, and population well-being. This understanding enables the creation and management of healthy urban ecosystems.

Seeing UMD in a New Light

Typically, when people think of campus building energy use, they think of lighting. Lights are very visible, are often left on when no one is using the space, and are a sizeable portion of commercial building energy use.
There is also a lot of energy in the light we don’t see – long-wave radiation in the infrared, which we perceive heat. We wanted to see that energy use as well, so last week, members of BSG and the Student Sustainability Committee traveled around campus at night to see the campus through an IR camera.

Energy and Buildings

"The impact of exterior surface convective heat transfer coefficients on the building energy consumption in urban neighborhoods with different plan area densities"

By: Jiying Liu, Mohammad Heidarinejad, Stefan Gracik, and Jelena Srebric

Dr. Farber speaks in UMD ME Seminar Series

12/10/2014: Dr. Darryl Farber, an Assistant Professor in the Pennsylvania State University's College of Engineering, spoke as part of the University of Maryland's Department of Mechanical Engineering 2014 Seminar Series. Attended by members of the Cluster for Sustainbaility and UMD ME students, he spoke about the "Strategic Analysis of Interdependent Infrastructures." Dr. Jelena Srebric hosted Dr. Farber as the seminar speaker. See Flyer for more details.


Dr. Jelena Srebric

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Architecture

Award winning research into building energy and indoor air quailty.

Dr. Mohammad Heidarinejad

Post Doctural Researcher

Research into computational fluid dynamics and building energy use


Resilient Infrastructure

This workshop aims to generate initiatives into research supporting innovations in designing, constructing and maintaining building stock and other civil infrastructure to be more resilient and sustainable.

Influenza Transmission

Explore creative new approaches to solving transmission problems of airborne infections in sustainable and healthy buildings.

Sustainable Construction and Manufactureing

A major need for achieving sustainable construction and manufacturing is to establish meaningful measurements for the complex attributes of sustainability suitable for lifecycle considerations.


Graduate Certificate

Lanuched in Fall 2014 the following courses are offered:

  • Urban Microclimate and Energy
  • Ultra-low Energy Use Appliances
  • Energy Audit and Conservation
  • Energy Conservation & the Envi.



Student made video about the NSF EFRI-PULSE project

Simulation and Modeling

Featurette on the Building Science Group at the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub

Green Roof Lab

NSF team visits Penn State University and learns about their Green Roof studies

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