Award Winning Energy Visualization

Members from the Building Science Group got together over a summer weekend to create Quesadilla, an interactive visualization of energy flows in the United States for DOE’s Energy Data Challenge Contest #3: Open Data by Design. Quesadilla won the prize for Best Visualization.

Play with Quesadilla to get an idea about the changes in source and end use energy in the United States from 1949 to 2040.

Recommended Reading

We found this article published in 1986 as the first journal paper of the current interim president of the University of Oregon, Dr. Scott Coltrane, fascinating. The paper findings are still highly relevant as they outline best practices and principles for engagement of building occupants in energy saving initiatives.

Scott Coltrane, Dane Archer and Elliot Aronson. "The Social Psychological Foundations of Successful Energy Conservation Systems." Energy Policy 14, 133-144.

Big Ten & Friends Mechanical & Energy Conference

09/20/2015 - 09/23/2015: The Univeristy of Maryland will host 2015's annual Mechanical & Energy Conference. This event will bring together facility owners, operators, engineers, and administrators with focuses on campus infrastrucutre; all with the goal of developing and sharing plans and practices to reduce energy comsumption, improve indoor air quality, and provide occupant comfort. Come see how Building Science Group research impacts campus operation, design, and planning. Abstract deadline has been extended till May 20th.

Urban Microclimate and Energy Micro-Course

Online course material on the energy modeling of urban built infrastructure.


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